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Highway 99

Highway 99: A Literary Journey Through California's Great Central Valley is a beautiful anthology of multiculturalism from short stories to essays to poetry to plays written by more than 70 authors whose works reflect the metamorphosis of the Great Central Valley's landscape. The contributors are people from around the world who moved to the Great Central Valley and found inspiration through the land and its people. Presented in near chronological order, the anthology begins with the settlement and survival of newcomers to the region and continues through the influx of different people and cultures for almost 200 years. It ends with the effects that modern life have had on the landscape, while at the same time challenging the area's new diversity of life to maintain both its heritage and agricultural value. Highway 99 is an excellent complementary text for an ethnic studies class at the secondary or collegiate level. It can also be added to one's personal library, enhancing the understanding and appreciation of this dynamic region of California.

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